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Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Limited, Ahmedabad (having CIN: L70109GJ1983PLC006460) is the Holding Company of Ravi Technoforge Private Limited. Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Limited is presently holding 53% stake in the Company.

About Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Limited:

Over the span of nearly 3 decades, Ratnamani is a multi-location, multi-product company providing critical tubing and piping solutions to diverse range of industries & niche markets in core sectors Viz., Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, LNG, Desalination, Defense, Aerospace, Chillers & Cooling system, Pulp & Paper Industry, Automobile etc. Ratnamani has an impressive clientele comprising of major public, private and joint sector companies across the globe, who are leaders in their respective segments.

Ratnamani's manufacturing facilities are located at Chhatral & Indrad (near Ahmedabad) and Bhimasar (near Gandhidham, Kutch), in the state of Gujarat, India. The state-of-the-art manufacturing & testing facilities produces a wide range of Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes & Pipes, Stainless Steel Welded Tubes & Pipes, Titanium Welded Tubes , Carbon Steel Welded Pipes and Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Pipes with Coating.

Since its inception in the year 1983, Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. is manufacturing products as well as delighting customers through its unmatched quality.

At Ratnamani, tubes and pipes are supplied in accordance with appropriate International Standards as well as Customer Specifications in a large variety of steel grades and dimensions. Client specific requirements on technical parameters are offered on request. Ratnamani ensures high degree of flexibility in production-planning to meet Customer’s urgent delivery requirements. The company's unflinching commitment to quality and services has ensured client loyalty.

Ratnamani has deployed proven and well accepted technologies and is continuously upgrading and modifying the production and testing facilities so as to keep pace with innovations / improvements in the field. Ratnamani draws its strength from technical excellence and highly trained and motivated manpower. Continuous innovative approach and focused efforts are the backbone of Ratnamani's success.

RMTL is proud to be reckoned as a true 'International Company' that caters a sizeable volume- nearly 40 % -to the export market.

Ratnamani is a precedent demonstrating how a small scale undertaking promoted by the first generation entrepreneurs can reach the league of large scale enterprises, through sheer determination, hard work, dedicated manpower and clarity of purpose.

During the year 2021-22 the consolidated turnover of Ratnamani was Rs.3138.78 Crores and profits after tax Rs.322.34 Crores. The Company’s equity shares are listed on NSE and BSE and the Company has been paying dividend since past more than three decades. The market capitalization of the Company is more than 13,500 Crores.

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